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I love life, I love making fun of life :D
life life life
fuck you life.
i do what i want.
^_^, afi, against all authority, anime, arcades, aska, atmosphere, bad manners, basketball, biting, black & white movies, blow shit up, blowing shit up, boots, botar, buck-o-nine, caramelos, cartoons, casualties, catch-22, choking victim, comic, cultura profetica, dance hall crashers, dancehall crashers, darwing, deals gone bad, editing pictures, eskorbuto, fashion, first wave ska, five iron frenzy, folly, food, forces of evil, gay emo boys, genitallica, glowsticks, halloween, happy meals, healthy lizard, hip hop, hummmm, hxc, i like, i love music, inciensos y velas, industrial, j-rock, japanese girls, japanese stuff, kanye west, kissing, less than jake, link 80, los crudos, los pepiniyos, lust, mad caddies, madness, making graffitis, making profiles, mighty mighty bosstones, moon ska records, mu330, music, mustard plug, my superhero, nico naked!, no doubt, operation ivy, paintball, painting, panteon rococo, parting!, perro enfermo, photography, pictures, punk, rancid, raves, reel big fish, reggae, reguea, rocksteady, rude boys, rude girls, rx bandits, save ferris, second wave ska, short films, ska, ska against racism, ska shows, ska-core, ska-p, ska-punk, skanking, skapone, skapulario, skinheads, slapstick, spring heeled jack, steady ups, streetlight manifesto, sublime, suburban legends, synthetic hair, synthpop, telegraph, the aquabats, the chinkees, the dingees, the eclectics, the gadjits, the hippos, the impossibles, the kingpins, the nuckle brothers, the rudiments, the selecter, the skatelites, the skolars, the slackers, the specials, the suicide machines, the toasters, the varicoasters, the virus, thingies, third wave ska, trancebands?, tropiezo, ultrasonicas, vico c, video games, visual kei, voodoo glowskulls, wearing suits, wierd clothing